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Sunday, June 10th 2018, 12pm to 5pm - Swami Atmachaitanya Visit

Swami is coming back to the Anahata centre! The afternoon will consist of darshan, chakra clearing, interfaith singing and individual blessings. Put the date in your diary!

Swami Atmachaithanya is an Enlightened Spiritual Master from Kerala, South India. He travels the world giving his guidance, teaching, special blessing and healing. All are welcome to visit him, irrespective of different backgrounds and belief systems, to receive his blessings, his special healing energy, much needed spiritual guidance and to experience the unconditional love and light which Swami radiates to everyone.

Visit Swami's Website

The Anahata Centre doesn't charge an entrance fee for these events, but there will be donation boxes for those who wish to support Swami's life mission. As part of his work, Swami travels the world to raise money for his two ashrams. It is customary for donations to be made for attending pujas, chakra clearing and individual interviews ; this is known as "dakshina".

All donations are put towards maintaining Swami's three ashrams and funding his travels. I am sure many of you would want to give generously to such a worthy cause.

Date and time - 10th June, 2018, Anahata Centre, 12pm - 5pm.

If this is your first visit to the Anahata centre then call Zita on (01267) 275424 between 10am - 11am or between 4pm - 6pm.

If you've visited before, please E mail to book a place, or if you have
any other enquiries.

Guidelines for the visit

  • Remember to bring a bottle of water to drink during the programme as refreshments won't be available until afterwards..
  • It is customary to bring a small gift for Swami (usually fruit or flowers) if you speak
    to him individually
  •  Kindly respect the silence near and especially in the Anahata yoga centre (even
    if others are talking) ~ this helps to maintain the still energy of the yoga centre.
  • Leave all bags, mobiles, money and coats in the lobby.
  • Please remove shoes in the lobby, and make sure your feet are covered with socks.
  • Seating is very limited and reserved for those who are disabled or elderly -
    please let Zita know if you need a seat reserved. Otherwise you are advised to
    bring your own cushions so that you are comfortable sitting on the floor.
  • People can be dropped off first at the bottom of the drive but please park up in
    the village and walk down.
  • Vegetarian food will be served from the kitchen at the back of the house after the program of darshan, chakra clearing, interfaith singing and individual blessings.






















Anahata are a group of spiritual singers based at the Anahata Yoga Centre in Wales, UK. Using Nada yoga, they use music to still the mind and uplift the soul. Anahata means 'heart centre', and by singing from the heart, music goes beyond entertainment and becomes transformational.

The Anahata Yoga Centre was set up in 2005, and is a thriving hub of activity, hosting various spiritual events throughout the year as well as weekly yoga classes.

Previous News & Events -

23-24/04/16 - Stephen Turoff Visit 2016- Many thanks to Stephen for visiting the Anahata centre - lots of lovely feedback from the talk and the healing sessions. Thanks also to Emma who helped organise the day.

13/06/13 - Swami Atmachaitanya Visit 2013 - Many thanks to Swami (and Kamal) for coming all the way from London to visit the Anahata centre, it was a lovely day, despite the rather changeable weather! Swami has been traveling all over the world this year, so we really appreciate him taking the time to come to Wales. Many thanks to all those who helped out on the day, and all those who came and took part in the event - it was lovely to see so many youngsters there!

07/10/12 - Angel Awareness Day, London - We went down to London for angel awareness day 2012, and it was fantastic! What with all the upheaval this year, it was great to know that we have lots of support. Diana Cooper is lovely as well - so down to earth for someone who's head is in the clouds!

11/11/11 - celebration of the 11-11-11 - Jyoti organised a special morning gathering to celebrate the eleventh of the eleventh of the eleventh. We got together in the morning, Jyoti explained the significance of the date and how it was an important energetic milestone on the way to 2012, then we had a short meditation, sang, and Richard blew his conch, which always makes him happy!

24/09/11 - Swami Atmachaitanya Visit 2011 - Many thanks to Swami for coming all the way to Wales to give us a lovely Darshan, we realised that Swami has now been coming since 2007, so 5 years, fantastic! Rich went to London afterwards with Swami, and witnessed first hand what an amazing hectic schedual Swami has when he's travelling. So, we are all very grateful, come again next year! Visit Swami's Website

01/08/11 - Various events - Been a very busy period at the Anahata centre, but everything went fairly smoothly! The Laksharchana was amazing, very powerful, as have been the Sai Baba memorial events and Guru Pournima.

02/06/10 - Swami Atmachaitanya Visit 2010 - Thanks to every who came along, and of course, special thanks to Swami for travelling all the way from London (well, all the way from India really!) to see us. We had a surprisingly dry and warm day, with a 2 hour darshan in the morning followed by an hour puja in the evening, followed by some lovely Indian cooking to round off the day. Swami was in good spirits, and we all had chance to ask any questions we needed to and receive his blessing. Photos are uploaded HERE.

02/02/10 - Caffi Iechyd Da Concert and Meal - We really hope everyone else had as good as time as we did the other night - really enjoyed it and we raised £130 for Swami's travelling costs, so thanks to everyone who came along. I've put all the pictures of the other night here and if anyone else wants to upload any then get in touch and I'll give you the details. Oh, and Tanya from Caffi Iechyd Da cooks the best food, we could hardly move after the meal was finished!!

02/01/10 - Hope you all had a fab time, lets hope 2010 is a good year! We're planning on releasing our next CD 'Light of a Thousand Years' sometime this year, as well as visits from various gurus, plus many of the unexpected things that always seem to happen to us... We'll keep you posted! On a different note, thanks to everyone who took part in the jumble sale, we raised over £330 for Swami Atmachaitanya, everyones time and effort was most appreciated, thanks guys.

23/08/09 -
Visit by Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche - Thanks to everyone who came along, we had a really interesting day. Rinpoche talked about many aspects of Tibetan Buddhism and gave a long question and answer session. Many thanks to those who supported Rinpoche by sponsoring his monks, it is most appreciated.

26/07/09 - Swami Sunildas gave a fantastic darshan here on the 26th, we're so greatful to him for visiting the Anahata centre at such short notice, and really hope he will come back again soon so more people can see him. In the meantime, keep up to date with what Swami is doing by visiting

24/06/09 - Thanks to everyone who came along and made Swami's visit a very special day, and what about the weather! There will be a video going on the link page shortly, and I'll put photos on Flickr so everyone can see them. If anyone has photos and wants to upload them, E mail me for the details (don't E mail the photos, they are huge these days!). Rich is off with Swami to the Himalayas now, wish him luck!

29/04/09 - Once again the Anahata Centre is blessed with a visit from Swami Atmachaithanya. This is the 3rd year that Swami has come to the yoga centre, and we are all very happy to welcome him back (See details below) For more info on his 2009 world tour, see
Richard has also just arrived back from an amazing two and a half month stay with Swami Atmachaithanya in his ashrams in Kerela, India, photos of which can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails on the left.

18/06/08 - Well, the Swami Atmachitanya event is over for another year. Thanks to everyone who came along, you all helped make it into a really special few days!

28/08/07 -
NEW MEDIA PLAYER INSTALLED! Anahata tracks can now be listened to via the media player situated below the buttons on the left of the site. Simply click on a track to listen. The music online page now provides information on the tracks available in the media player. A broadband connection is recommended for smooth playback.

24/04/07 -
Looks like a busy period is about to commence for everyone at the Anahata Centre! Swami Vishwananda is visiting London 26th, 28th and 29th of April, then Swami Atmachitanya is visiting the yoga centre in May. That is followed by Mother Meera, and then India in August! But we don't mind, spending time with these great spiritual teachers is so uplifting that you forget about all the hectic preparations. We will be singing at all but Mother Meeras darshan (which is in silence) so come along and join in. If you would like any information on any of the events above please E mail, as most are public and can be attended by anyone.

21/03/07 -

You can see the whole Swami Atma Chaithanya's itinerary at his website

01/01/07 -
Happy New Year from Anahata! To start 2007 on a good note, Swami Atma Chaithanya's visit is now confirmed - please see the above box for details. The provisional dates are Sat 19th or Sun 20th May 2007, so keep these free. Places are limited, so if you would like to attend please contact zita. We will update the website with more information as and when we get it.

13/11/06 -
Been quite a busy period for the Anahata singers. As well as singing for Swami Vishwananda on his UK visits, we've also been to London and Germany, playing to a lovely bunch of people, it was a real pleasure. On the back of that, we've also been invited to sing in Portugal some time next year, and India as well (If anyone wants to offer us some gigs closer to home, however, we'd be more than happy to accept them!). We've also finally got round to duplicating another batch of Dawn of Silence (boasting a re-designed cover...) and we now have official Anahata business cards. Oh the excitment! As far as the yoga centre is concerned, next year (probably around May) we're having a visit by Swami Atma Chaithanya - visit his website at He's a renowned Indian yogi and healer, and we're really excited about his visit. All are welcome, we will post more details as and when we get them. Thats about it for now, until next time....

9/05/06 -
So what has the merry month of May (which is actually proving to be rather wet...) brought the Anahata centre? The Saturday yoga sessions are proving very popular, and the Anahata centre has recently hosted a day with Arthur and Poppy Hillcote, two of Sai Baba's foremost devotees. We had a great time, and heard some wonderful stories - but it was the deafening silence that was the most impressive part of the day - those who were there will know what I mean! I've also finally got round to putting some pictures on the site, check out the yoga centre page to have a look. Hopefully more will be appearing soon (if anyone has any good ones, please E mail them to me and I'll try and put them on). Apart from that, hope all those who read this are well, until next time...

02/01/06 -
Happy new year from Anahata!! What can you expect in the coming year? Hopefully a new dawn of silence CD, more CD's for Swami Vishwananda (which you can now buy direct from the Anahata centre) and more EHV (education in human values) collaborations, as well as more workshops, travels to far off lands (don't know where yet, but these things tend to happen quickly!) and blessings all round! The regular Saturday yoga days at the Anahata yoga centre are proving very popular, have a look at the yoga centre page for more info. More news as and when it appears...

23/09/05 -
The site has been updated - have a look at the new Anahata Yoga Centre page, dedicated to events and workshops being held at the new Anahata Yoga Centre. This page also contains pictures of the construction of the centre, and the opening. Gone is the How to Order page, this is now incorporated into the CD info page, seemed simpler that way, and that's what we're all about at the Anahata Centre!

12/09/05 -
The Anahata yoga centre is now finished! It will officially open on the 1st of October 2005 and further information about events and workshops will be regularly updated on the site. Zita is working hard to get some really special peope to come and give talks and workshops, so look forward to a rich and diverse range of yoga related activities in the very near future.

29/06/05 -
Great news - the Anahata Yoga centre is almost complete! The finishing touches are still being made to it, but for the most part it's done. We'll have some photos for you very soon, and also a dedicated section of the web site with news and events. Until then, console yourselves with the fact that we are now in the process of recording not one, but 4 (yes 4!) CD's for Swami Vishwananda, including 20 or so new tracks from Anahata. It's going to take a while, but it'll keep us busy in the months ahead.

09/09/04 -
Well, after an incredibly busy summer things finally look like settling down a bit. After Mauritius we all went to Germany for a week to record the latest Vishwananda CD, and ended up having a really special time there. The CD is currently being mixed, we'll let everyone know when it's ready. Unfortunately the Anahata centre has been delayed till the beginning of next year, but keep praying and it might happen sooner!
Richard and Zita are off to Puttaparthi in December as part of an EHV team from the UK, should be great, if hot! More info as and when we get it.

05/06/04 -
Richard and Jyoti are off to Mauritius to spend nearly a month with Vishwananda at the end of June. Fantastic oppertunity to be around him, and the possibility of a tan is most appealing! We've also been invited over to Germany in August to record another CD with Swami Vishwananda and attend a fire ceremony.
On a more practical note, financial business is being finalised and plans are being drawn up for the Anahata Yoga Centre. Work should begin in July, all things going according to plan. Watch this space...

19/05/04 -
Cor, time goes quick!! Been a very busy year so far, we've just finished recording the backing for Swami Vishwananda's first singing CD. Fantastic project to be involved in, the blessings you get from hearing his voice are awesome! Check out his web site for more details.
We're also now oficially Kriyavans, basically meaning that we've been initiated into kriya yoga. For those people who haven't heard of it, click here for more info. We all feel extremely blessed to know this ancient and extremely powerful technique.
And there's more! The Anahata Yoga centre is having plans drawn up as we speak, and once the architect has finalised them then (the universe permitting, of course!) work should be
started very soon... We've all been practicing simplicity in the midst of chaos, so this should give us plenty of opportunity do this even more!!
And finally, apologies for the length of time between this undate and the last, shalt not happen again! Until next time....


What is 'Nada Yoga'

Nada Yoga is a powerful transformational yogic practice that uses sound vibrations to protect, cleanse and heal the body and mind. Anahata have been practising Nada Yoga for many years, and are aware of its power when we sing. It raises the consciousness of both the participants and the listener, and is a form of Bhakti yoga (love of God).
By keeping the spine erect and focusing on the heart centre (Anahata chakra) the singers release internal energy from the soul (Atma). Like Krishna’s flute they allow the song and music to flow though them, and rather than being concerned with entertaining, pleasing, or impressing others, they enter a state of complete absorption with the object of the song.
The universe or matter was created by vibration. When the singer becomes in tune with Nada (the inner mystical sound) God consciousness is experienced in the human body as vibrational waves. The sense of individual separateness (Jivi) disappears, and the musicians interact like a school of dolphins, united as one voice.
Thus, when sung with softness and compassion, music becomes an expression of love, and begins to awaken both the singer and listener to the experience of the omnipresent God Consciousness.



Dear Zita, Richard and Jyoti,

I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your lovely music at the wedding - I have heard your music before but this timeI found it overwhelming. I borrowed a CD off someone and can't stop playing it - over and over again, such a profound effect it is having on me. I know it opens up the heart and I have felt such a depth of both joy and sorrow this week, it has been both amazing and overpowering. Although I'm not gifted with a strong voice I have found the strength within me wich I didn't know was there - perhaps at least I am learning to sing from the heart.

Sai Ram, J.Wyler

'Your singing truely sounded like angels, because you three really do sing from the heart. I thank you for That.'

Corina and David Crosweller

'I've never heard anyone come together in such perfect harmony. It's unique, how do you do it?'

Marcus D, Sound recordist, owner of German recording studio.


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