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The Anahata Yoga Centre

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Yoga sessions will be running -

Saturday (12.30pm - 5pm) and Monday (7pm - 8.30pm)

Please read the Guidelines below before attending any classes.

Saturday Format -

12.30 - 1.55 pm

Easy Session  ~ simple stretching asanas (positions) and relaxation. Ideal for beginners, those with physical limitations, pregnant mums and the elderly.

2.00 -2.55 pm

Advanced session ~ more challenging session of yoga asanas

3.00 - 3.25 pm

Pranayama ~ use of breath to still the mind

3.30 - 3.55 pm

Meditation techniques ~ for developing concentration, raising consciousness, self empowerment and healing body mind and spirit. These will include visualisations, Jyoti meditation, Zen Buddhism, Zen Metta practice, Tibetan Buddhism and other techniques from different spiritual traditions. 

4 - 4.25 pm

Nada Yoga  ~ use of sound to still the mind. ~ Mantras and Positive affirmations.

4.30 - 5 pm

Nada yoga ~ Bhajans and devotional singing

Monday format -

Asanas (postures) followed by short relaxation.

Guidelines -

The Anahata Yoga centre is a spiritual temple which is home to sacred objects with high vibrational qualities.
We would therefore ask you to respect the following -

  • Remove shoes before entering.
  • Wear clean, loose clothes and fresh socks.
  • Leave all leather articles and bags in the entrance
  • Please refrain from bringing cigarettes, alcohol and meat (including fish) onto the premises
  • It is advisable not to eat within 2hrs of each session of asanas or Pranayama.

Please phone on a weekly basis (by Thursday please!) to confirm attendance and check if classes are running.

There is no charge, but you are encouraged to give a donation that will help to help with running and maintenance costs.


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